Saturday, February 11, 2017


Friend Zoned.

I’ve been trapped there for a year. After a disastrous first date with Laney, that was it. Best friends is all she gave me.


I tried to be exactly what Laney needed, and move on with Sasha. Little did I know, my decision to date Sasha would turn my world upside down and put the girl of my dreams in danger. Protecting Laney becomes priority one but will it be too late for me?

Wow! I started this prequel the night before and had a hard time sleeping just wanted to get back to it! 

This book is amazing! The characters draw you in and the book is well written. I am in love with Kass and Laney. I really wish Sasha was a fave but she is like oil and water and that mixture just pisses me off! I hope there can be hope for her eventually. For now though, I am anxious to dive into more of this series. I can already tell my day will be spent in digital-bookland! This is definitely a must read!!!

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