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Title: Scarred Asphalt
Series: Asphalt Outlaw Series
Author: Blue Remy
Release Date: February 9, 2o16
Seven months after the death of SixGun Outlaw member Alan "Stone" James, the motorcycle club is trying to rebuild their lives and learn how to go on without their president, friend, and family member.
But moving on isn't as easy for Espina "Thorne" Lopez after having lost her sister. Content to spend her days alone, beating up a punching bag and wallowing in her grief, no one has seen Thorne since. Until she's called in for a favor involving her partner's brother. Dalton "Apollo" Kilpatrick is arrested for something he didn't do, but no one believes him. So the judge puts him on a three month house arrest in the home of the last person who wants him. Will they get along, or will she be a Thorne in his side? Apollo is a handsome man that women can't deny - some would go as far as to call him beautiful. Thorne considers herself a monster - a beast for not being able to stop what happened to her sister. So ... "Why not put the beauty with the beast" and see what happens? Can Dalton repair the crack in her heart before the last petal falls?
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This was a great book from start to finish. Once you start reading you will not be able to put it down. It picks up right where Twisted Asphalt left off (highly recommend reading it first). Espina "Thorne" was a EMT and aspiring model who was scarred after a accident and then devastated when she lost her sister so soon after. She spends her days when she's not working wallowing in grief and solitude. Dalton "Apollo" a newly patched member of the SixGun Outlaw MC is accused of a crime he didn't commit and in order to still be at work and on house arrest the Pres. decides to play matchmaker by throwing Apollo and Thorne together. The chemistry is explosive and the banter between the pair is sometimes downright sizzling. Apollo makes Thorne see that true beauty lies within you regardless of outward appearances. Secrets are exposed in this raw and gritty read and the ending BLEW ME AWAY, I'm definitely in love with this series and so can't wait for what's next.

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Having survived a tragedy, best selling author and California native, Blue Remy, who now resides in the hub of the South, brings an authenticity to her novels that can only come from personal experiences and the heartbreak of being a man's property and ol' lady with intimate knowledge of what women have to struggle with in everyday club life.
Remy writes books that cross over genres and grip male and female fans with their combination of gritty MC realism and romance. She secretly indulges addictions of coffee, cupcakes, collection of boots, and anything Wonder Woman. Blue is an active supporter of the WWP, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
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