Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review Touched to the Core~~Elsa Winckler

This is the third book I have read from author Elsa Winckler, and the third in this series; just gets better. This book had slightly more edge and drama than the previous books, but the same romantic feeling. Dana is a strong independent women who since losing her dad to suicide 2 years earlier has been searching for answers to his downfall, she needs answers to why he killed him self she is afraid ex journalist David Cavallo; Now he is a hotel tycoon but she thinks he knows so she trys to avoid him but he wants Dana. I enjoyed the protectiveness David showed towards Dana, and even when she would get angry with him for interfering he refused to give up. Dana knew how she felt about David, but her biggest flaw was her constant lack of self worth, she assumed to know what would happen and therefore kept trying to push David away. There are many tense situations throughout this book and it really plays with your emotions. I experienced many feelings and emotions whilst reading, from loneliness and fear to acceptance and love, and can honestly say I enjoyed every word that was written. I am looking forward to Hannah and Darryn's story and they mystery that is around them.

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