Wednesday, January 13, 2016


In this book you have Laci and Mitch and they are living there blended lives.  Till Laci gets a sudden surprise that she is pregnant.  Laci thinks something changed with her tummy that it's smaller.  when they go to the doctor they find the tragic news that there little one will never be.   Laci goes into a depression that she not even sure she find her way out of.  she stops taking care of anyone her, her kids, her husband.  Till one day she starts writing and thought this she finds her way back to god.  Laci and Mitch decide to go on a trip and on this trip they come across Hannah and he bed and breakfast winery.  They decide god led them there so they offer to buy it and keep Hannah on and let her pay it back.  Little do they know its Mitch's brother almost fiance and they send him to check if its worth the investment.   When he shows up and sees Jules (Hannah nick name) he is confused. She is trying to keep it up and running and take care of her ailing grandmother Lois.  All of them are going to go through a lot.  Her not knowing if she can trust him not to leave again  him not knowing if she can trust him at all.  But they all can get past these problems if they let the lord lead the way.

WOW  I cried, laughed, chuckled, and cried some more this book was so good I want to go back and read the first one even though I know how it ends now.   I would definitely read her books again I couldn't put it down.

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