Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just breathe again~~Mia Villano

WOW is all I can say I got this book and I started reading right away I knew I was going to cry and I was right I just didn't want to even put it down I know I read it again and again even though I know the out come of the book. Jeannie goes though more in her life than I want to ever face the book makes me wish I could have met her daughter. Just how every one love her and thinks she is strong when she finds some tragic news out. He faith will get her though but her mom is like there cant be a god since her husband died. Till she meets Carmen and her dad Kane they have so much in common and she could find love again if she lets the grief get out of her way. Her friend Marsha is a hoot! In the end they come together for a very special day with surprising news.

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