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“You think you use your brain when you’re having sex?”

Rebel’s pen freezes on the paper. He turns, then, towering over me, my face level with his belt buckle. It’s as though I can literally feel the heat rolling off his body. He’s intimidating and overwhelming, his presence a powerful force to be reckoned with.

“Oh, Sophia. I use my brain. Every time I sleep with a woman, I’m using my head to figure out what she likes. How she likes it. What I can do to have her screaming my name until her throat’s raw.”

Rebel and Sophia's story

The first of a three part series. This novel contains a small snippet which has already been released in the Owned: An Alpha Anthology, however it is followed by a full story installment.

Sometimes, you don't mean to become another person. Sometimes the choice is made for you, and pretending is the only thing that keeps you going. When Alexis Romera is taken and her kidnappers find her fake ID in her purse, she must become Sophia in order to keep her family safe. Revealing her real identity to the man she's sold to would be easy enough, but can she trust him? Hell bent on revenging the murder of his uncle, Rebel doesn't seem all that interested in playing things safe. In fact, nothing about the secretive, dark and brooding MC President seems safe at all.

What do you do when the man who raised you is murdered, and the only witness is kidnapped girl who's being sold as a sex slave? You buy her, of course. As president to the most powerful motorcycle club in America, Rebel isn't lacking in power. There are strings the man can pull, and entire criminal organizations and corporate businesses alike would fall to their knees. However, along with such power comes intense interest. The DEA have their eye fixed solely on the MC...and they're just waiting for Rebel to trip up. Getting Sophia to testify is the only way to bring the Los Oscuros cartel down. The beautiful, dark haired, dark eyed woman is belligerent and uncooperative and unlikely to bend to his will, but Rebel has a few tricks up his sleeve to make her compliant--he'll charm her until she's bending over backwards to please him. Of course, falling for her might cause a few hiccups along the way...

Vida's Review

This was a new author for me and I must say I really truly enjoyed this book! I wasn't sure at the beginning because it was such a slow start, but it picked up rather quickly and I couldn't keep my eyes off of the pages!

Let me just say that sexy, brooding, dangerous men are my favorite type of book heroes and with Callie's hero, Rebel she nailed it perfectly. He's intensely protective, possessive and a force to be reckoned with. A simple walk to the bus station turns into SO MUCH more in this amazing story. Sex, secrets, and deception is the name of the game. REBEL is chock-full of sizzling chemistry, emotional and passionate interactions, and a dirty talking gorgeous man who is battling his own demons while trying to not fall in love with a woman who seems to be breaking down his walls, brick by brick. The woman in question is Sophia (Alexis) who might come across as mild mannered in the beginning but as the story progresses you see that beneath it all she has a spine of steel. This book ends with a explosive cliffhanger that you WILL NOT be prepared for. It will end with so many questions, and you will not know where people allegiance will lie. You might think you know and long after reading this gripping page turner you still won't be so sure.

This story has superb writing, intense chemistry between the characters, and a suspenseful and emotional story line that holds you in with no hope of letting go. Callie Hart storytelling satisfies us romance reader's every need, every demand, and every fantasy. I can't wait for the next installment of this incredible journey in the world of Rebel and Sophia. 

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About the Author:

Callie has experienced many changes throughout her life, and gone through many ups and downs that have all worked towards shaping and molding her into the person she is today: fun loving, active, social, and hard working. The only thing that has remained a constant throughout her life is writing. Creating characters who will tear your conscience in two is a favorite pastime of Callie’s. There are few real saints and sinners in her books; more often, the denizens of her stories are all very human. Broken, flawed, and always with the potential for redemption.

Despite the subject matter being markedly hot and heavy in comparison to the stories she wrote in elementary school, there will always be an element of fairy-tale to her work.
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