Monday, November 24, 2014


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The movie stars red hot holiday fling
by Christina Glover
This book is told from Blake's point of view.  Jessie the former marine who can't remember what happened the day the IED exploded.   she is trying to remember and not sleeping due to feeling guilty .  So to feel like part of a team again she decided she wants to join the  local fire department an idea her family is not so happy about.  " Mom what part of leave me alone do you not understand" is what she is thinking when the cardboard action hero walks in during her work out.  She is not here self and when her mom ask him to help her come back to the person she was he aims to help her daughter to pay her back for all the help she given him.  A 2 week no strings attached affair was not what he had planned.   But he does it starting with a makeover that would make Cinderella proud.  Problem Blake thinks he is not worthy of her because he is some kid from the streets.  He even goes to all the trouble to prove the IED wasn't her fault.  He decided he can't live without here and he willing to offer a job just to keep her near!   Will she accept or will she want much more?  If so is Blake willing to give what she wants?

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