Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eye of the Storms by Lisa Gillis

                                                 Eye of storms
                                                 By Lisa Gillis 

This book starts off hot as heck as they are in the middle of the storm that neither of them knows is coming.  Then it back tracks witch I like otherwise you might never know why Marissa makes the decision she does.  So she walks in on her fiancé with a girl on top of him.  He best friends answer get down and dirty with anybody get him out of her mind.  So they head to a rock concert and Olivia being the true fan she is takes off with the first roadie with promise of ticket.  Marissa turns on her tracker so she can find her.  Then randomly runs across a dog not wanting it to get hurt she sets out to track down its owner.  Jack is skeptical when she shows up being the lead singer from Jackal he had lots of girls do anything to get near him.  Of course she has no idea who he is when he ask her to come in for a beer.  One thing leads to the next and a signing of a sex contact as Marissa calls it  leads her to believe he is a celebrity of some sort.  " His eyes hungered, as if he were looking a delectable desert instead of my privates."  She finds she wishes he was normal so he ask for her phone number.  She doesn't realize that he is not only getting her number but she get his real number.  He calls her 5 months latter asking for her to come see him but she is gained weight and she thinks he won't want to see her at all so she lets him down.   5 yrs latter she is calling him to tell him what she should have all alone that that night Tristan was made.  He need surgery and as a single mom she doesn't have what she needs to make it happen.  Of course his first thoughts are she is after money so he hangs up on here and refers her to his lawyer .  Marissa joins Tristan in the living room that's really a workout room since he has to work out to help him walk at all.  She enjoys the perks on her body also.  He was so upset that when he showed up at Tristan's surgery she doubts her decision not telling him all those years ago.  As she tells him all about their son she starts thinking about the words custody that came with the check he sent.  But when being together leads to more she thinks marriage?   When Jack starts spoiling Tristan and suggesting time in LA with him  she starts backing away like always!  Will it end happy for all involved?



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