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Unexpected (Felony Romance Novella) by Jeana E. Mann

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Karly Eriksson’s past brims with painful secrets better left forgotten. Determined to make a better life for herself and her little sister, Karly has her eyes on the future, but misfortune greets her at every turn.
When Karly’s best friend invites her to underground Felony Bar, Karly looks forward to a night free from the complications of her past and a chance to forget her problems. Instead, she finds an unexpected attraction for Randy Mackenzie, head of security. Randy is dangerous and intense with a body made for sin. Everything about him screams bad boy, from his tattoos to the wicked scar on his neck, and that’s the last thing Karly needs in her life.
Randy lives his life in the shadows, but he yearns for the light. Karly, with her bright smile and effusive
personality, is like a ray of sunshine, illuminating the darkness of his world. Still reeling from an unforeseen breakup, Randy has his emotions on lockdown, unwilling to show how badly he’s hurt. When he drives Karly home after a night of revelry at Felony, he doesn’t intend to sleep with her, but they have more in common than they know, starting with their broken hearts.
After one kiss, they’re both willing to forget their problems for a night of passion and lust
that can never be repeated.

This was the first book I have read by this author and I’m definitely going back to read book 1 Intoxicated.  To me Unexpected was about finding yourself and figuring out who you want to be in the end. Will you follow your head or your heart? Randy is a man who not too sure where he’s going in life and with a break-up and not being able to see his child that he’s not sure if he is ready to let his heart be that vulnerable again. Suzy has had her own share of heartbreak and is doing what she can for her and her sister, to provide them with a better life. What I find truly incredible about these two is that it started off as them being around each other at times of frustration and great hurt but along the way it lead to talks and witty banter. When you see these two together the sparks fly and once they hit the sheets the heat is combustible. This was a sweet, contemporary novella that will have you caring for these two and want nothing for the best for, and I think that is because you can relate to them on such a level that you thought no one would understand. I believe once we read the full novel Vindicated we’re going to be taken on a powerful journey of struggle, hope, and redemption and I for one can’t wait!!!

FELONY ROMANCE SERIES - Romance so hot, it's almost a crime!


VINDICATED (Book 2) of the Felony Romance series is up for pre-order on Amazon! 
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UNEXPECTED (Book 1.5) a Felony Romance Novella releases today!


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