Sunday, August 21, 2016


WOW I really didn't think this book would be way better than the first in this series. Wow is a small word for everything that happens in the book. same-sex couples not being able to adopt or someone looking at them different because of there choice to love one another. Will and his belief that one day everyone will throw him away like his mom. Emma who is on a crusade to stop all of this that is just the start of what happens in this book.But I had to break the tissues out with Nana just losing my grandpa to Alzheimer's I lived every minute of what the author was saying and I knew before the end she live it. Emma and Will make lots of mistakes but something her grandma says to her make he wonder if coming home and facing him will finally end the turmoil that she lives in missing him every day. They have some bullies that contribute to there fights in the end they pay a price. Luke and Phoebe as well as James and Bret there neighbors just want the kids happy and to do what they want. Will Emma and Luke get it write or will they pay the ultimate price because of pride.

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