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Hunter (The Bang Shift Series)
By Mandy Harbin
Genre: Military, Romantic Suspense

After finally getting out of her disastrous relationship, Maya Carmichael has sworn off all bad boys. Sure they’re hot. The attitude? No thanks. But when her car is vandalized while on a night out with her roommate, she realizes her ex is truly sadistic. Her friend insists they lay low for a few days while the cops do their thing. Unfortunately her temporary haven will throw her in the path of another bad boy. Oh, she’s heard stories about her roommate’s brother, Hunter, and he’s just the type she wants to avoid. Until she sees him … and all good intentions fly out of her busted windshield.

Hunter Anderson might be the easygoing jokester within the Bang Shift crew—the small Arkansas town’s mechanics and the government’s secret mercenaries—but underneath his lighthearted exterior lurks demons of a past he’d love nothing more than to forget. Working on cars and taking the occasional contracted mission help, but he fears nothing will stop his past from coming back to haunt him. No one has tried penetrating the façade to get to the real person below. No one, until Maya.

The attraction is undeniable, but there’s more to Hunter than he can ever let on, and for Maya, this hot distraction makes it easy to forget the real danger she’s in. It has nothing to do with losing her heart to him.

When really it has everything to do with just that.


I truly enjoyed this story. This is the story of Hunter who is known as the comedian of the group of mechanics known as the BANG SHIFT. The fact that the small Arkansas town mechanics are also the government’s secret mercenaries doesn't hurt to an exciting, sexy, romantic suspense story that had me on the edge of my seat. Hunter has a deadly past that he know will one day catch up with him he just never knew that it would be in the form of his sister's best friend Maya. Maya has sworn off bad boys because the last one turns out to be sadistic bastard which leaves her to trust her best friend's brother while the police do what they can to catch the ex. When Hunter and Maya meet the sparks fly off the pages while they both struggle to not give in to temptation. Unfortunately alone in close quarters its inevitable, along the way demon's from Hunter past starts to resurface and he wonders if its from the angel in his life or if she's just the devil in disguise. I love the way the writing flowed from one page to the next, the chemistry and camaraderie between the guys and the women in their life is fantastic. I'm totally invested in this series and can't wait to see what BANGER goes down next. 

About the Author

Mandy Harbin is an award-winning, bestselling author of several books across multiple romance genres ranging from contemporary to paranormal erotic romance. She is also the number one bestselling author in teen romance under the pen name M.W. Muse with her popular Goddess Series. She is a Superstar Award recipient, Reader’s Crown and RWA Passionate Plume finalist, and has received Night Owl Reviews Top Pick distinction many times. She studied writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, earned several degrees, and even pursued an MBA until she realized becoming an author did not have to remain an unfulfilled dream. Mandy is a PAN member of the RWA and lives in a small Arkansas town with her non-traditional family, and although she is a direct descendant of British royalty, they refuse to call her princess. When she’s not penning her latest book, you can find her hanging out online where she loves to connect with fellow readers or stalking Mickey Mouse at Disney World.

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