Wednesday, January 7, 2015


pov: author
Bob and Valerie find out that their daughter Natalie is a cutter when the school noticed they ordered testing.  Bob and Valerie wanting to keep her  being different a secret so others won't tease her.  After the some testing is done  Dr. Spencer says "Natalie’s issues are relatively minor and there is no reason why with counseling and medication we can’t keep her as a student at this school."  Her parents just think it's going to go away until they learn she needs treatment.  With help from counselors and teachers she makes it through high school.  She get accepted into college and that is where she meets Ivy a teacher who is helping her get the voices under manage without meds.  She also introduces her to Luka he is just like she is and she learns that.  Luka and Ivy teach Natalie how to cope with the voices.  She is attracted to Luka and working with him so much makes it hard since he can hear her thoughts.  Will they get together before he graduates and leaves for work.   There is a place they all work and Luca and Ivy are going to work there and there will be some dramatic things that happens.This book made me wonder how it would be to have her kind of powers.  Would I find it annoying or would I like know what others are thinking?

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