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Casey Alexander grew up part of the Ravage Motorcycle family since the day she was abandoned by her mother and thrown into her father’s lap. Always seeing herself as an outsider, she spent her whole life trying to fit in, but never really succeeding. When she loses her beloved father, the utter aloneness engulfs her, leaving her searching for solace in the one man she’s always craved. Confessing her love for him only results in devastation when he pushes her away. Convinced she needs a fresh start, she leaves everything behind in order to mend her broken heart and begin building a future without him.

Gage Thomas (G.T.) Gavelson fell in love with his Angel when he was just a pint sized kid. Both beautiful and smart, he always felt she deserved so much better than him. Growing up beside her in the club only continued to test his will power, until one night, he gave into temptation. Realizing he couldn’t allow himself to hold her back from the life she deserved, he pushed her away, allowing her to believe she would never be enough for him. Letting her go had been the hardest thing he’d ever done. Even though he’d thought it’d been the right thing to do, not a day goes by that misery doesn’t consume him for it.

When a tragic shootout occurs, everything changes as once again their lives are intermingled. When you find your way back to the one person you are meant to be with, forgiveness should be easy. But sometimes, we hurt each other too much to ever be able to forgive.

Is their love strong enough to heal their pain? 

Little did I know how much I love MC books. I mean this isn't the first one I have fallen for but I seriously cannot get enough.
I think one of the things I like with this series is that it has variety. The first was cave man the second was more about pain, hurt, and betrayal. I will say I wanted more from the cliff at the end. It didn't hold all of the suspense that the first did, but it totally led to an area I was ready to go.
The story is well written. I loved seeing more into G.T. and Casey. There were also parts that I really hated but not in a negative  towards the book but like an I felt their pain kind of way. I think Casey really finds herself more in this book. There is just a lot of time when she will feel helpless. G.T. is an awesome guy he just doesn't always see how his good intentions affect others.
I couldn't have enjoyed this book so much without all o fb the action. I love seeing how each character plays a part with the others. I also enjoy the mystery involve with each character. You have no idea how much my mind is running in all different ways. You will thoroughly enjoy this for sure.

I'm a mom and a wife who works full time. I have a huge obsession with collecting paperbacks and reading. Becoming an author, wasn't exactly what I set out to do, it just happened. I needed something to help me get rid of the feeling of being 'just a mom' or 'just a wife' that was consuming me and writing became that outlet. My book(s) cover some tough issues which are hard for some readers to digest. I am grateful for every single one of you who read my books.

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