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🔥🔥 Check out Dani René ’s gorgeous cover! Cruel War (Gilded Sovereign) is releasing on September 5th! 🔥🔥


  From USA Today Bestselling Author Dani René comes a new adult romance filled with lies, secrets, and steam! I hate her. I want Dahlia to pay. Tynewood is my town, and she doesn’t belong here. While rage fuels me, my blood burns with desire. I want vengeance, and I’ll get it. No. Matter. What. We’re on opposite sides of the battlefield — a poised flower, a raging warrior, and a mountain of secrets between us. I knew he was bad news the moment I laid eyes on him. Anger and lust swirl together when he looks at me, but I don’t know why. War has commenced, and as secrets unfold, it looks like the battle has only just begun. He wants to hurt me. He loves to see me cry. What Ares Lancaster doesn’t realize is, I’m not afraid of the darkness inside him. Lies. Revenge. Bloodshed. When war comes to a head, nobody is safe from the destruction it leaves in its wake.   
  Title: Cruel War 
  Series: Gilded Sovereign, Book #1 
  Cover Design: Jay Aheer, Simply Defined Art Cover Image: iStock Photos   


  Dani is a USA Today Bestselling Author of a variety of genres, from romantic suspense to dark erotic romance and even BDSM romance. She loves to delve into the raw, emotional journeys her characters venture on, and enjoys the dark, edgy, and sensual scenes that fill the pages of her books. Dani's stories are seductive with a deviant edge with feisty heroines and dominant alphas.   Dani lives in the beautiful city of Cape Town, and is a proud member of the Romance Writer's Organization of South Africa (ROSA) and the Romance Writers of America (RWA). She has a healthy addiction to reading, TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream.   


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Audiobook Blog Tour: Kissing Magic by Day Leitao

Author: Day Leitao

Narrator: Winona Owen

Length: 12 hours and 22 minutes

Series: Portals to Whyland, Book 2

Publisher: Sparkly Wave

Released: Jun. 14, 2019

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Kiss him. Don't fall in love. Break a spell with a kiss. Karina has heard and seen enough weird stuff for this request to sound legit. At 16, Karina has a shot at adventure--and an odd first kiss - when she's called to Whyland, a kingdom in another dimension, to save a guy she barely knows. Why her? No clue, but she's happy to help, and kissing Sian isn't torture, even if he isn't to be trusted. Karina's smart enough not to fall in love - or at least to tell herself not to. Once in Whyland, she realizes that risking a broken heart is the smallest of her problems. When truths are unraveled, Karina will need to stand between an ancient darkness and the kingdom. But what hope does she have against mysterious powers when she can't even control her own heart? If you like fantasy and adventure with a dash of romance, give Kissing Magic a try. This novel is recommended for listeners 13 and older. This is book two in Portals to Whyland series but you can jump straight into it without listening to book one.
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  Originally from Brazil, Day Leitao lives in Montreal, Canada. She likes stories with action, humor, and heart. For more information, for a free novella, and to get news and updates, go to

First and foremost, I truly enjoyed listening to this book. Winona Owen did an amazing job narrating Kissing Magic. She did a great job portraying the emotions of the characters. I definitely felt their highs and lows. It was also very easy to distinguish which character was which from the tone of voice she used. I can’t remember ever getting bored or distracted, aside from my kids wanting food. I will definitely listen to more books narrated by Winona.

I have been obsessed with audiobooks since about 2014 when I didn’t have enough time to sit down to read and preferred still being able to read on the go. Believe me neither of us want to count the number of books I’ve listened to. Lately I am in love with all things paranormal and fantasy-based romance.  Kissing Magic was exactly the next book I needed as I’ve run a bit dry on magical books to read.

Now about the book! I fell in love with Karina and Sian from the beginning. Throughout the story the struggle was real to decide who I loved the most. Without going into detail, just when you think you understand everything the plot thickens. Karina has a few different personalities depending on what is going on with her, like many females. It did drive me a little nuts when I just wanted her to use her brain a bit more. She has an innocence about her and that’s probably the part that got to me, but at times she did display strength and growth. 

Sian on the other hand keeps you guessing all the way to the end. Believe me definitely never a dull moment with him. He is a jerk at times and yet one of the most devoted guys as well. Unfortunately, at times that devotion gets him into trouble. He is definitely a character that will keep you on your toes. Much like with Karina, I wish he used that brain he has a bit more. I wanted to jump into the book and knock some sense into both of them.

Overall, the supporting characters were portrayed perfectly as well. There is a lot of back story that is discovered with Kayla as well. Not exactly my favorite part. I think she is the most stubborn person in this book. Thankfully Darian is the perfect match to balance her. The story will certainly keep you engaged and experience this crazy adventure with each character.

I would definitely recommend this audiobook to anyone that loves books involving magic and fantasy. The production of the book was great and Winona definitely did the narration justice. Day Leitao did a great job with the story. I’m not happy I have to wait for another book.  I totally hate cliff hangers and this one was a whopper of a cliff hanger. I am glad I had the chance to experience the adventure I experienced while listening this book.

  I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Day Leitao. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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Dark Territory
by Sarah Cass
The Dominion Falls Series #3
Newly Revised Edition
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Dead men tell no tales, but one dead woman will speak volumes.


A dead woman walks the streets of Dominion Falls.

Jane Doe Spencer knows she should be dead. The pain and terror of her hanging haunt her every day. Under the cover of a long, harsh winter she heals and vows to finally solve the puzzle of her past. 

One man will do whatever it takes to keep her alive.

Cole Mitchell has his hands full, keeping Jane hidden from the law and safe from the maniac stalking her. The riddle of her letters is beyond him, but his common sense helps drive them both toward her answers. He almost lost her once, and he refuses to let it happen again, even if it means betraying her trust.

The future is uncertain and her enemy is closing in, intent on ending them once and for all. 

In order to stop him and save the lives of those she loves, Jane must confront the past she cannot remember—and the family she left behind.


Amazon: All Platforms


Sarah Cass' world is regularly turned upside down by her three special needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers; dabbling in horror, straight fiction and urban fantasy.  She loves historicals and romance, and characters who are real and flawed, so she writes to understand what makes her fictional people tick.  And she lives for a happy ending - eventually. And enough twists to make it look like she enjoys her title of Queen of Trauma Drama a little too much.

An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible; she may emerge scarred, but always stronger.  The rhythms to her activities drive her words forward, pushing her through the labyrinths of the heart and the nightmares of the mind, driving her to find resolutions to her characters' problems.

While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpse into her life and art.  You can most often find her popping out her 140 characters in Twitter speak, and on Facebook.



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Rush and Gia’s story continues in the gripping conclusion to Rebel Heir… How to screw up a great summer in the Hamptons: Sleep with your boss. Check. Blow all your money on a rental you can’t afford. Check. How to walk away from a man you fall in love with at the end of a summer: …I’ll let you know when I figure it out. 

 Rebel Heir is the second book in the Rush Series Duet. Book One, Rebel Heir, is available for sale now.          


Amazon ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) | iBooks ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) | B&N ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) | Kobo ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two) | Google Play ➜ Rebel Heart (Book Two)



How to kick off a great summer in the Hamptons: Snag a gorgeous rental on the beach. Check. Get a job at a trendy summer haunt. Check. How to screw up a great summer in the Hamptons: Fall for the one guy with a dark leather jacket, scruff on his face, and intense eyes that doesn’t fit in with the rest of the tony looking crowd. A guy you can’t have when you’ll be leaving at the end of the season. Check. Check. Check. I should add—especially when the guy is your sexy, tattooed God of a boss. Especially when he not only owns your place of employment but inherited half of the town. Especially when he’s mean to you. Or so I thought. Until one night when he demanded I get in his car so he could drive me home because he didn’t want me walking in the dark. That was sort of how it all started with Rush. And then little by little, some of the walls of this hardass man started to come down. I never expected that the two of us, seemingly opposites from the outside, would grow so close. I wasn't supposed to fall for the rebel heir, especially when he made it clear he didn’t want to cross the line with me. As the temperature turned cooler, the nights became hotter. My summer became a lot more interesting—and complicated. All good things must come to an end, right? Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming.


Beautiful conclusion to a wonderful story that will pull at your heart and capture your imagination. This story picks up right where you leave off once you finish reading Rebel Heir which I recommend you do before diving into this beauty. They are at a party and Gia see's someone she thought she would never see again and it turns out to be Rush's brother. Not ready to tell him she lets it dwell until the brother decides to get even with Rush and spill the beans. Of course that throws Rush into a tailspin with him and Gia in limbo until he can wrap his head around the news. This complicated tale will hold you in its clutches and have you wringing your hands wondering will they or won't they be together. The dynamic duo that is Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are a POWERHOUSE, you can tell they put love and though into each and every book they turn out together. These books will not disappoint so pick up this twisty twosome (Rebel Heir&Rebel Heart) and see why everyone is swooning!!!!


Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son and beautiful daughter with autism. With over a million books sold, she is a seventeen-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over fifteen novels, including RoomHate which hit #2 on the New York Times bestseller list and #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Other New York Times bestsellers include Stepbrother Dearest, Neighbor Dearest, Drunk Dial, Cocky Bastard, Stuck-Up Suit, Playboy Pilot and Mister Moneybags (the latter four co-written with Vi Keeland).


 Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over ninety Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six. 


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  From New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan comes a flirty new standalone about falling for your older brother's best friend.

There’s pretty much only one rule when you’re a guy. Don’t be a douche. Turns out, the fastest way to break that rule is to fall for your best friend’s sister. Ava’s brilliant, sharp-tongued, gorgeous, and five years younger than me. She’s the sexual equivalent of running with scissors. In a word, she’s dangerous. And completely off-limits. Falling for her could ruin everything. Yet I can’t seem to stop, even when her company is threatened by a lawsuit, and my promotion hinges on representing the opposing client—and winning. I can’t see a way out of this mess that doesn’t end in a broken friendship, a broken heart, or a ruined career. I may have broken the bro code when I fell for Ava. But do I have the balls to handle what comes next?

Kindle US | AMAZON UK | iBooks | B&N | Paperback



Since being introduced to Kendall Ryan books by a friend I have been devouring everything she has written and this older brother best friend tale is no different. Barret knew going home for his best friend father's retirement party was going to test his patience because he also had to stay in the same house as Ava his best friends sister who since growing up he has had the hots for her. Ava also crushed on Barrett and now that he's grown into a man she's tempted even more. This couple is perfect for each other too bad Barrett doesn't want to break the BRO CODE. Fortunate for him Ava's smart and knows that some codes can be hacked and she's going for the big one his heart. I loved this book and just like all of Ms. Ryan books the writing was flawless and the execution was amazing.              

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She's a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she's appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras Subscribe to Newletter Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page

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Title: Maybe Don't Wanna
Series: The Simple Man Series #2
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: May 4, 2018

Peter Parker Penn.
Unlike the superhero his mother named him after, Parker is no good guy.
In fact, if there’s a picture in the dictionary under anti-hero, it’s his.
Parker’s spent his life trying to get back on the right side of the tracks, but each step he takes forward, he takes two more steps back.
To save one, he hurts others. To make this good, he turns that bad.
For appearances’ sake, he plays the part. He does what people expect him to do—mostly. And at the end of each day, he goes back to his lonely apartment and wishes he was a different person. One who could fix the things he’s broken.
Then Kayla Nash forces her way into his life, and the world as he knows it is irrevocably changed.
Everything he thinks he has right is wrong. And everything he thinks is wrong is oh, so right.
One thing leads to another, and suddenly he’s growing a conscience, and trying to prove to her that he’s as bad as everybody says he is.
Yet she won’t listen.
She’s convinced that she can save him.
Little does she know, Parker isn’t worth saving, and never will be.

I don't know how this woman does it but time and time again she draws you in and holds you hostage with the stories she weaves from a brilliant mind like hers. This story will touch you while making you cry with what both of these lost souls have been through. Peter Parker Penn has had a life where everyone he loved has died and he believes that its all his fault. With only one remaining member he tries his best to become a better man than what he was, but he stills feels lost. Kayla has dealt with death also and has been floating in life never seeming to feel as if she found her footing but one look or touch of Parker and she feels settled. These two are struggling until finally realizing that together they are stronger than anything. I love the glimpses of other characters from previous books and Janie & Kayla relationship is #friendgoals. Great book Lani once again keep em coming!!!

I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 9, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.