Thursday, November 2, 2017


Title: Beyond Reason: Teller's Story Part 2
Series: Lost Kings MC
Author: Autumn Jones Lake
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2017 
Photographer: Meagan Harding
Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs 
Makeup/SPFX Artist: Liv Zak
Cover Model: Jaxon Human
When the most toxic people come disguised as family, who can you trust?
Betrayal by blood cuts the deepest. 
Teller’s found his ride or die girl. The light Charlotte brings to his life has touched the darkest parts of his soul. But a devastating secret from her past resurfaces to threaten their future.
Every truth can be erased with one lie.
When a sinister truth is exposed, it forces Charlotte to question everything about herself. Even whether she’s worthy of Teller’s love.
The darkest betrayals never come from your enemies. 
With Teller’s love roaring louder than the lies, Charlotte can finally put her demons to rest. But has too much damage been done for her to prove her loyalty to the Lost Kings?

White Knuckles ➾
Beyond Reason ➾
Beyond Reckless ➾
Bullets and Bonfires ➾
What more can I say about this series other than it being addictive and drawing you in like a moth to flame with its dynamic characters, phenomenal storyline and the creative genius writing it known as Autumn Jones Lake. As you can see I'm a fan (family member) of this series and hope to all that's glory that it never ends. Beyond Reason picks up right where we left off in the first book and its still one helluva ride. Teller and Charlotte were finally getting to their happy place and of course here comes trouble in the form of a family member who's also in a rival club from LOKI. That in turn leads to trust issues coming from some of the men of LOKI but that's to be expected. Charlotte can't help who's she's related too but she chooses the right path which is Teller. This pair as well as all the other couples are made for each other because they bring out the best in each other. Through all trials and tribulations LOVE reigns supreme and this pair comes out on TOP. Wonderful journey to have taken and I can't wait for Z's turn. 

Autumn was born and raised in Upstate, New York. She spends her free time listening to music, going to concerts and spending time with her family. She enjoys reading, writing, acting and horror movies. Her favorite books are mystery, thrillers, horror, romance, erotica and urban fantasy.

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