Sunday, November 22, 2015


Title: Hooker Heels
Author: Ryan Ringbloom
Genre: New Adult

 New Adult Contemporary Romance. Standalone. Kenna Winston's world revolves around money, and the men who spend it. Men are mere pawns in the game that she calls life. However, her game is about to change once she's offered a business contract with some interesting caveats. Kenna has to decide whether she is ready to up the ante and play in the big leagues. Or decide if the proposal being offered is crossing the line, even for her. With her heels high and morals low, she wonders what will happen if her heart gets involved? Oh that's right, she doesn't have one. Zackary Knight has always had things handed to him. That's not the life he wants. Can't anyone see that he goes deep, that he's more than just a shallow dollar sign? Who is this beautiful woman who just appeared on his doorstep? Is she someone he can finally open his heart up to? Because his heart, it's a big one. *Contains Mature Content


Expectations are as follows:
Spend a minimum of two hours with client daily, not to exceed four hours.
Not too bad. I expected it to be longer. Those were part-time hours.
No money or gifts valued over $100.00 are to be accepted from the client.
That sucked.
 All payments will be made through a personal account set up in the employee’s name.
Direct deposit. Perfect.
Sexual advances are to be met with believable enthusiasm.
Believable enthusiasm. Like faking it? No problem there.
Discretion is mandatory.
No shit. For him and me both.
Employee is to cease any romantic encounters with anyone other than the client until the contract ends.
No other men for now. Fine with me. I could use a break.
The contract expires after six months.
I finished reading. “What happens after the six months are up?”
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 About The Author
 Ryan Ringbloom is a YA/NA author who lives for anything Romance. The passion, love, angst, awkwardness... she loves all of it. When Ryan needs a break from reality she sneaks off to read a romantic story or write one of her own. Drinking coffee, reading Tweets and hugs from her five year old are the best part of her day. You can follow her on Twitter: @RyanRingbloom or visit her website at . Feel free to contact her, she would love it!
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