Saturday, April 18, 2015


Demon is a sexy as hell club member with no manners. Scarred by his past,
with no intentions to love again.

Angel is a new mom on the run from her abusive husband. After one
failed marriage, she isn't looking for a repeat.

Together they can spark like the fires of hell and shine like heavens above.

If they can live through the trials that lay ahead....

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I wasn't sure it was the Jack Daniels or it was Demon. When his tongue found it's way into my mouth I could feel a fire starting to burn between my thighs. The moment I saw Demon at Twisted, I knew he was down for a sultry good time. He stepped back and I couldn't help it but I started to cover myself. He smacked my hands away, the scars that nobody has ever seen suddenly felt like they were on fire under his gaze.
“What happened?”
It almost brought tears to my eyes.
“An abusive ex.” I replied mournfully.

**Vida's Review**

This is a great debut from an author I'm going to definitely look forward to reading more from. Angel and her babies are hiding out from her abusive ex in her brother's MC. Demon who's returning from being gone after a devastating loss, he takes one look at the feisty bartender and wants her. Unbeknownst to him its his VP sister who he will be teaching self defense too but haven't met yet. When these two come together it is EXPLOSIVE the chemistry drips off the pages while the writing has you in its grips of what will happen next. From the first page to the last the story flows, you see Angel and at first, you think she is just another damsel in distress, but she turns out to be a pretty KICK-A** chick! She holds her own in this book and doesn't hold back. I found some characteristics in her that I could relate to, which always makes the read that more enjoyable. Demon who is a total ALPHA bad boy is slowly opening up his heart to a woman who constantly keeps him on his toes with her sassy yet confident banter. This book does end in a CLIFFHANGER which I was totally not expecting but it most certainly leaves you craving for more.

**About the Author**

Well, What can I say besides the fact that I am a bored stay at home mom that wanted to share some of the inter working of my brain. I have always loved to read and have so many ideas for good novels/novellas, so please follow to get the most up to date information.

Other then that my life is pretty simple. Married for 5 years to my amazingly supportive husband. two beautiful kids. I have a crazy family, with tons of drama (makes for good writing). I love reading and tattoos. 19 tattoos and counting. MC romance is my number one favorite. After that who knows, I can't list everything that is on my TBR list.

I would love to give a shout out to one very important man... Mr. Lucian Bane. His books have helped my marriage beyond words. This is not a teacher pet kind of post, this is real shit. His work help me find myself, which then led to me writing! So, I need to thank him, Lucian if you ever read this know that your work means the world to me!!!

Any other questions, just ask, I am a pretty open book. LOL pun intended.

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