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First all proceeds of this book is being donated to help animals .

Book 1 The Pride by Michael Williams

Helen give animals forever homes. When she gets dementia the cats start ordering and paying bills till Helen dies and her nephew inherits the house the cards come up with a plan to get rid of him. But can there scheming make it a forever home.  This book is not part of a series as far as of date of posting.

Book 2 Nine lives Lauren Deluca

Pov  Johnny 
Teri thinks she being stalked so she ask her geeky brother to go have a talk with her football ex. Well that's not happening he doesn't want to get beat up. She finds a cat that's been though everything and still is living. They name him gremlin after their favorite movie. He finds out his best friend mike is the peeper  that is looking in on his sister.  when he confronts him mike cuts him. Johnny's enters the cat. When mike comes over trying to work his way in gremlin/Johnny attack to try and alert his sister. But when she realizes he is a killer how can the gremlin/Johnny save her?  This book is not part of a series as far as of date of posting.

Book 3 Nine Live Karli Rush

Pov Trixie the cat who is one due to voodoo
Annabelle goes in to a place where she adopts Trixie who killed the Labbe brothers heart. Annabelle neighbors hate kids. Trixie works her way in the neighborhood house Remy she discovers his girl is cheating on him. Trixie tries to tell Remy cause she thinks redemption can change her. Remy girl friend decides to leave him high and dry buy Trixie takes her tickets to let Remy know. Unfortunately she wants those tickets so bad she dies trying to get them. In the end Trixie learns she has 8 more lives till redemption .  Warning cliffhanger this book is not part of a series as far as of date of posting.

Book 4 The Disturbance

Pov Adam

The Emerson's have lived in Illinois for years and there always a member of family Adam has a wreck. Jimmy his brother likes to play the field. They get a report with a dog with blood on it and a guy who says he saw something so they head out to the call. Dog leads them to his owner he dead . He must knew them since there was no forced entry. So he renamed fluffy angus and takes him home. One problem his dad is terrified of dog. But his mom convinces him to let angus stay and when he fetches him a beer he thinking "this may not be a bad idea. When a lead to the death leads to the Cavanaugh the Emerson's rivals they head right over to question them. They know there not as sparkly clean as they appear. He takes his brother carter and his bf Claire (who are in love but don't know it) camping to relax and have a great time camping. The witness turns up dead and Claire goes missing. Will they find her ? this is a cliff hanger and Look forward to escape February 1

Book 5. Cats. Emily Walker

Pov the author
This book covers multiple couples and the horrors that await them. Different kinds of cats show up. Some are even kind of comical while there giving the people a hard time. Warning you got to be in to blood to read this book. This book is not part of a series as far as of date of posting.

Book 6 take of two kitties

Pov tinsel and river dale the cat

This book is a diary in the day of 2 cats. It gives one a little in site into what there cat might be actually thinking. It's funny that they think there prisoners when we really do love them! Tinsel and river dale happen to talk to watch other on Skype. They then realize there humans are going to a wedding. So they start plotting to go. Will it happen?  Warning cliffhanger but is not part of a series as of date of posting.

Book 7 miracle paws

Pov author 

Sallie found a dog hurt by an electrical fence. No owners in site looks like it abandoned. She called miracle paws rescue to help he rescue the dog. Lucky for this group they had lots of people in the community helping them big and small. The dogs breathing was bad and they weren't sure they save him.  When Sally join she falls in love with Tom. But he thought she was there for show never considered she stay when he turned her down. Miracle paws believed in helping the animal by loving it even ones most gave up on. After hours of waiting on the pup they didn't get good news the next 24 hours will tell if she lives or not. The named her miracle after she survived the night but her fate was still in question. They finally get the news about miracle and it's good. Her former owners were never found they had just left her. looks like Sallie wants to adopt her. A couple come together for a Christmas wedding. This book is not part of a series.

Book 8 win place or show

Pov Kendall 
Book starts out with Kendall having to return her neighbors dog that got out. 
Her neighbor acts like she could care less. So she grabs her show dog Leisel takes her back inside. In wanting her dog to have the best she made homemade treats. Soon pawpaw's puppy pieces was born. She has to take dog to vet he is gorgeous. He comes back with news dogs pregnant then after she gets done ranting. He invites her to dinner. He takes her on a rescue after their date. They had to take dogs in and a few horses. While setting up her business she get some men wanting the doctor to mind his business. They send him a message and rough her up to boot. She find out doctor Jeff dog is the one that got hers pregnant. They get attacked on a date he gets shot. Latter U.S. Marshals show up they stumbled across something bad. They are offered witness protection but they have to be married. Is it worth it they just met they feel like they love each other will they go in to protection.?

goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23480967-write-to-rescue
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